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Read up on our latest media releases and events to find out how Bhoomi is revolutionizing Sri Lanka’s real estate and property landscape.

Bhoomi Official Promotional Vehicle

As a trailblazer in the industry that constantly strives to go above and beyond the norm, Bhoomi Realty Holdings introduced the first-of-its-kind official promotional vehicle in the industry. The promo vehicle made its inaugural journey today.

Second Year Anniversary

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Bhoomi Realty Holdings and to invoke blessings on all Sri Lankans as well as all mankind, a Pirith ceremony was held at the Bhoomi premises with the auspices of Mr. Brahmanage Premalal, Chairman of Prime Lands Group and Ms. Sandamini Perera Co-Chairman of Prime Lands Group.

First Year Anniversary

The first anniversary of Bhoomi Realty was held in grand style at the Waters Edge last weekend. We would like to thank the Prime Lands Group, our valued customers and the Bhoomi team for being a vital part of our success journey.

Ice Cream Dansala

The Bhoomi Realty team held our annual Poson Ice Cream Dansala to commemorate the Poson festival in June this year.